Introducing The Harmony Launcher Incubation Program!

Harmony is one of best blockchains available in the industry, being an open, fast, secure, and scalable network, providing vast and powerful user experience with its cross-chain interoperability.

Harmony has proved its efficiency by being a safer environment for start-ups to build, nourish, and take a deserving spot within the blockchain ecosystem. Even with such an impressive structural design, Harmony remains as one of the most undervalued blockchains within the crypto industry today

As a bid towards developing Harmony Network and the start-ups sustaining on it, We at Harmony Launcher are extremely thrilled to present you with the “Harmony Launcher Incubation program”.

This program marks another step towards our endless effort into making harmony blockchain one of the safest & easiest foreground for start-ups to find their way into the vastness of blockchain.

About Harmony Launcher Incubation Program

The Harmony Launcher Incubation Program is a brand new initiative developed with the primary aim to assist, innovative and emerging start-ups based on the harmony network and guide them through their developmental stages into achieving the status of the most notable crypto start-ups within the industry.

Harmony launcher and its incubating partners would aid all those projects incubating and launching with harmony launcher, by providing them all the necessary grounds needed for a fruitful launch.

Through this Initiative, start-ups developing on the harmony blockchain would find it hassle-free to launch their projects as harmony launcher would assist them all along their journey ranging from “Raising Funds, Connecting to Investors, Business and developmental growth, to a successful launch” all within the Harmony Launcher incubator program.

How does it work?

Start-ups and innovative Ideas developing on the harmony blockchain who opt. to launch with Harmony Launcher prior to admission into the Incubator Program, These Projects would undergo complete scrutinization by a panel of industry experts who are responsible for making sure the project is legit and safe for the investors.

Upon undergoing the rigorous vetting process, Harmony Launcher would select and include the project into the Harmony Launcher Incubator Program.

On successfully being included into the program, Start-ups would receive guidance in multiple ways as Harmony launcher would guide them through all of their critical development stages ranging from the foundations of forming a crypto company to the specifics of brand building via press release and connecting to some of the prominent industrial investors and kol’s, eventually leading into a successful launch.

Benefits Under The Harmony launcher Incubation Program

As a part of this initiative Harmony Launcher and its incubating partners would assist all the incubating projects in the following;

Raising Funds/Capital

Harmony Launcher is home to some of the industries finest Venture capitals and opting to launch with Harmony Launcher would unlock access to all these leading investors who would assist you gain financial aids.

Harmony Launcher also aims to provide an easy and hassle-free way for start-up’s to raise funds/capital utilising its IGO + IDO platform accessible for the masses by eliminating the possibility of an unfair allocation system and by providing all investors and community members to participate in fair, secure and guaranteed IGO and IDO via its unique allocation tires.

Building Community

Launching with Harmony Launcher unlocks a variety of perks and one of them is Extensive media coverage. Harmony Launcher houses numerous prominent media partners and makes sure your projects receive maximum media exposure ranging before and after the IDO/IGO Event.

Community Members serve as the core foundation to every project and it is necessary to build a strong community in order to get started within the blockchain Industry.

Harmony Launcher would help Incubating projects achieve a strong community by spreading awareness about these incubating projects during various aspects of the incubation program & the developmental stages of the incubating projects.

Marketing Advice

Harmony Launcher would provide you with all the marketing advice and contents according to the latest market trends which includes the following;

Assistance with Website Development.

Advice regarding Graphics designs

Advice regarding Promotional videos

Extensive Marketing strategy

PR Assistance

Business Development and Operational Support

As a Launchpad and an incubator, Harmony Launchers Primary focus would be on developing the incubating projects both operationally and structurally by running rigorous checks on each aspects of the incubating projects technical and functional sides.

Harmony Launcher would provide assistance for the following;

Support for Technical developments

Whitepaper Review

Identifying and initiating Growth opportunities

Mentoring the Team Members

Helping with Exchange Listings

Advice regarding Community management

Harmony Launcher would also provide extensive support for Tokenomics;

Tokenomics Structuring

Coordinate Token Generation Event

Token Distribution Ideas

Incentivizing within the platform

Brand Building Via Press Release

As a part of the brand building initiative, Harmony Launcher would make sure your projects achieve a proper name within the industry by spreading awareness via Press Release and other necessary.

Getting Projects Connected to VC’s & Kol’s

The Primary benefit about launching with Harmony Launcher is being exposed to the Extensive network of industrial Leading investors, Venture capitalists and Kol’s.

Harmony Launcher is Home to some of the Industries Finest Investors and Venture Capitalists who would provide you with the best financial and advisory aid, all as a perk for launching with Harmony Launcher.

Currently there are about 200+ KOL’s who have onboarded Harmony launchers Advisory board and incubating with Harmony Launcher would grant access to these industrial giants and their advice towards your projects.

Harmony Launcher would further connect your project to these Prominent Venture Capitalists and Kol’s, Ensuring your project gain immense support both in terms of financial and Advisory aspect within the blockchain industry.

Genesis Shards Onboards Our Incubation Program

We are extremely thrilled to announce that Genesis Shard is amongst the first launchpads to have joined our incubation program.

Genesis shards not only has onboarded our incubation program but also has announced a $100K Grant towards, Incubating, nourishing and launching projects based on the Harmony Blockchain.

Having Genesis Shards onboard would eventually boost Harmony Launcher’s potential to another level as Genesis Shard would be providing their valuable business strategy, design inputs and sourcing strong alliances to increase the capability of those projects who opt. to launch with Harmony Launcher.

Genesis shards marks the beginning of our endless effort towards enhancing harmony blockchain by making it easier for start-ups and budding projects on the harmony network to launch hassle-free.

About Harmony Launcher

Harmony Launcher is the world’s first decentralized IGO + IDO Launchpad & Incubator with an integrated AMM DEX built on the harmony Blockchain who’s focus would be on incubating and providing all the fundamental and necessary grounds for start-ups and projects based on the harmony network to build, raise funds & launch successfully.

Harmony launcher would be a one-stop incubator platform accelerating the growth and development of Harmony blockchain based start-ups while giving investors a fair opportunity to invest smartly and securely.

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