Harmony Launcher X Mad’s Crypto Corner: Strategic Partnership

2 min readJul 19, 2022

Harmony Launcher is immensely proud while taking the pleasure to announce a strategic partnership with Mad’s Crypto Corner.

Believing it to be a stepping stone for Harmony Launcher towards entering the Indonesian market, this alliance will open doors for a number of opportunities in the Indonesian community through various events and regular engagements.

This partnership is also intended to expand Mad’s Crypto Corner’s bandwidth in the world of #crypto marketing wherein Harmony Launcher will provide its resources for the successful launch of various blockchain projects associated with Mad’s.

About Mad’s Crypto Corner

Mad’s Crypto Corner is a cryptocurrency community, based in Indonesia. Currently, Indonesian Crypto Enthusiasts reached 6 million people and it will increase every month. They are educating people who want to learn more about the cryptocurrency industry. Providing good quality projects to the community is our primary mission.

Mad’s Crypto Corner aims to connect all cryptocurrency stakeholders — developers, investors, and users to build a healthy community where everyone can actively participate in the development of this full potential industry.

We are excited to work together going forward. 🚀🚀

Check their socials:

📲Telegram: https://t.me/MadsCryptoCorner
🌐Twitter: https://twitter.com/MadsCrypto_

About Harmony Launcher

Harmony Launcher is the world’s first decentralized IGO + IDO Launchpad & Incubator with an integrated AMM DEX built on the harmony Blockchain whose focus would be on incubating and providing all the fundamental and necessary grounds for start-ups and projects based on the harmony network to build, raise funds & launch successfully.

Harmony launcher would be a one-stop incubator platform accelerating the growth and development of Harmony blockchain-based start-ups while giving investors a fair opportunity to invest smartly and securely.

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Harmony Launcher is the first Decentralized IGO + IDO Incubation Launchpad on Harmony Blockchain. Link to our website : https://harmonylauncher.io/