CanaBoyz IDO launch on Harmony Launcher

3 min readApr 30, 2022

Harmony Launcher is immensely proud to announce that we will be hosting the IDO for Canaboyz on our platform on 9th May’22.

Check out the detailed article below for more details.

Token Ticker: $CNB

Price: $.0002

Allocation: $30k

15% @ TGE, Cliff — 1 month, vesting 8 months (daily)

How to participate in the whitelist

Buy & stake harl

Our Tier stakers will get a guaranteed allocation for this sale.

Link for staking:
Medium Article:

Allocation pool for lp providers

LP staking participants will also be given a guaranteed allocation.

Link for LP staking:

Medium Article:

Allocation for lottery tier

All the lottery tier holders will be allocated as per base ticket size. Still, their probability of being assigned will increase with their no of tokens as per the lottery tier.
Link for Lottery Tier: TBA

Medium article:

NFT holders

The addresses holding our Series A NFTs will get guaranteed allocation to the sale.

Community round

For the community round, you will have to invite as many friends as you can using our portal

  • The top 50 referrers will get a Guaranteed allocation slot as per base allocation.
  • The top 1000 referrers will be whitelisted for FCFS round as per base allocation.
  • The top 6 referrers will be dropped NFTs from a pool of 10 CANABOYZ in-game NFTs and 3 $HARL Series A NFTs.

Public round

(subject to availability)

This round will start once all the rounds have ended and the allocation is still left. Anyone can come and participate in this round. Ticket size will be based on allocation and FCFS basis

Timelines for the Sale

A snapshot of stakers will be taken on 7th May 2022 at 5:30 PM UTC

Whitelist announcement on 8th May 2022 at 4:30 AM UTC

KYC to open immediately after the whitelist announcement

KYC to be closed on 9th May 2022 at 4:30 AM UTC

Participation open for guaranteed slots on 9th May 2022 from 10:30 AM UTC to 12:30 PM UTC. All LP stakers, tier stakers, lottery ticket winners, and NFT holders must participate in this duration.

FCFS for community round winners from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

Fcfs for the public round (in case of availability) 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM UTC

Gear up & get whitelisted!!!

Note: Important announcements ahead. Stay connected to our social media channels to learn more.

About CanaBoyz

CanaBoyz is based on a combination of the most popular trends of last few years: metaverses, legal cannabis market and WEB3 technologies.

What can I do while playing CanaBoyz?

  • You can grow your virtual cannabis farm and earn income from it
  • You can use artifacts to increase your income and automate your business
  • You can trade with other players
  • You can become the owner of a coffee shop and make a profit from the sale of someone else’s weed
  • You will be able to join gangs and take a part in community games and much more

How to earn in the CanaBoyz project?

First of all you need to buy a seed with a CNB token and plant it. You will have to grow your virtual cannabis bush for some time and soon you will be able to sell your first weed for the real cryptocurrency.

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About Harmony Launcher

Harmony Launcher is the world’s first decentralized IGO + IDO Launchpad & Incubator with an integrated AMM DEX built on the harmony Blockchain whose focus would be on incubating and providing all the fundamental and necessary grounds for start-ups and projects based on the harmony network to build, raise funds & launch successfully.

Harmony launcher would be a one-stop incubator platform accelerating the growth and development of Harmony blockchain-based start-ups while giving investors a fair opportunity to invest smartly and securely.

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